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Risk Management Solutions and Support

Interim, Advisory, Desk Top or Offsite Review, Training and Change Management.

Operational Risk

How do you identify your exposures? How do you know when you are in control? How do you measure your tolerance for risk? How much is too much for the capability in your business? Are you taking enough risk in pursuit of your objectives? Do your people understand operational risk? Is the tone from the top setting the correct culture?

Governance and Frameworks

How do you report on risk and to whom? Does the information flow up, down and across the organisation? Can you prove the information is used in actual decision making? Do you have clear mandates and terms of reference for your Boards and Committees? Do you keep an evidential trail of decisions made? Did what you ask to happen actually happen?

Policies and Guidance

Do your policies set clear unequivocal standards that both reflect the companies rules and hold people to account for non compliance? Do you explain what you expect of your policies through guidance? Are your Policies well documented and maintained? Are they effectively governed and signed off? How easy are they to access and understand?


How well do you understand your “must go right” processes? When was the last time you tried to find your recovery plan under pressure? How often do you test your crisis teams and recovery plans? Are you dependent on anything you don’t control for your recovery? How resilient are your systems and physical assets to threats?

Compliance and Regulatory

Do you understand all of your legal and regulatory obligations? Do you understand that this includes; Health and Safety Executive, Information Commissioner, Office of Fair Trading and others? Are they documented in obligations registers and accessible so that you can easily evidence how you comply? Who monitors and maintains these obligations? Are you ready for your next on-site visit from your regulators?

C.C. Risk Limited are able to provide you with access to people, tools, techniques, solutions and strategies which will support your business in Enterprise Risk Management, Operational Risk, Compliance, Regulatory Engagement, Risk and Control and Business Resilience. We can provide; cover for a role on a temporary basis, assistance in implementing change or act in an advisory capacity, either on or offsite.

We have many years experience both in the UK and overseas.